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Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap
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Satep   more Decorating for u hyp :p
reydau   added 360 Advanced days to Kot Ijaa Kyr'am [KYRAM]
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Satep   I thought the "adding days" got removed?
Evo   It did but Rey found a way! lol
reydauHappy Birthday Wacca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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moforious   Happy Birthday
Evo   Happy Birthday
Orrecob   Happy birthday or fire-stun. R.I.P Wacca
Hyperion Litros[link]
Game Update 5.3 | Star Wars: The Old Republic
Official site. BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay: Story.
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Evo   Nearly wrote Happy Birthday!
Hyperion LitrosHappy Birthday Dre!!! Have a wonderful day:]]]
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reydau   happy birthday buddy!!!! and come back we miss ya!!!!
moforious   Merry Birthdays m8, have a good one.
Evo   Happy Birthday
QagdarchDoctor is in the house! Once more :d How are you guys doing?
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reydau   yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back dr Qag :)
moforious   Yo Qag :)
Hyperion Litros   Hi Qag!!! Nice to see you again:]]]
The man behind the gold posts: Bad Feeling Podcast #162 inte...
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