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Satep   Welcome Evola :d
SatepHey folks,

Great question! Amidst all of the changes I forgot to talk about what happens with current Unassembled Components (UC). With 5.6 we will be increasing the UC that each player has by the same rate that the item costs are increasing. This way they retain the same value.

Basically it is this:
The cost of items for UC has been increased.
The UC Mission rewards, etc have been increased by that same rate.
The UC that you currently possess has been increased by that same rate.
SatepHappy Birthday Smithie :d
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Satep   welcome :d
Eiky/Smiceoh its my birthday again lol
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Satep   So now I am wonderin....his birthday was pinned on 11.11. yesterday mornning then in the l8er afternoon it vanished and moved to today 12.11. :p
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Hyperion LitrosCan someone give me the Kyram discord channel so i can apply? Now i have a discord account lol
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Satep   whats ur username hyp?
Satep   [link]
hope this works :d
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SatepSir Alec (Mr. traditional Jedi-Robes) won the war:
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